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          Director + Videographer + Producer + Writer + Editor + Journalist + Lecturer 



  • Directed/Wrote/Edited "Dedicated to Dance" documentary, to air on TV3 in 2017.


  • Produced/Wrote/Edited "Kenny Wild" 8-part travel series for Sky 191 in 2014. 


  • Independently Directed, Co-Produced, Filmed & Edited "Through Roma Eyes" in 2010, and "A Mighty Man: The Father Gerry Roche Story" in 2012.


  • Directed/Produced/Filmed/Edited for a variety of commercial clients.


  • Worked as an AP for Meghan O'Hara (Fahrenheit 911), Lauren Greenfield (Thin), Alexandra Pelosi (Journeys with George), Nick McKinney (The Daily Show) and Julie Cohen (Better Than Fiction Productions) on programs for CNN, HBO, Lifetime, IFC, PBS, CBS, et al.


  • Taught BA & MA journalism students at Independent College Dublin, and prior to that, was an Adjunct Professor at Columbia University School of Journalism. 


  • BA from Harvard in English Literature & Language and MS in Broadcast Journalism from Columbia University School of Journalism.


  • She is the youngest of five siblings who grew up playing music professionally.

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