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  •    Producer + Videographer + Editor 

Punk Economics 


  • Live-animation series I filmed, edited and produced for noted Economist, David McWilliams  -- in 6 languages. 

A Mighty Man:

  The Father Gerry Roche Story


  • First feature documentary that I edited, and both produced & filmed with Cornelia Brouder, about an Irish priest who was murdered in Kenya. 

Dedicated to Dance 


  • Documentary program I directed, wrote and produced, about professional juvenile Latin dancers. It aired on TV3 in the Spring of 2017. 

Touring with Fight Like Apes


  • Tour-diary I edited, and both produced and filmed with Cornelia Brouder, about an emerging Irish rock band struggling to deal with the highs and lows of being "almost famous." ​​

Irish Voices: Fusion Family


  • Profile of Irish rock band, Fusion Family. 

The Riptide Movement @Knockanstockan


  • Festival profile of a band at Ireland's largest independent music festival. 

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